Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Dunkin Donuts saved our family

Today, despite being the homecoming, was a "down" day for Mom and Dad. Hollis was not eating, under any circumstances, and wasn't interested in drinking either. She slept through most of the day, and when awake, was very angry with everyone. We got to about 6:30, and decided to take her for a stroller ride, which again, was not particularly well-received, but she caught sight of the car, and pointed, indicating that she wanted a ride (a pre-surgery favorite activity).

We took a short ride, and stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get Mom a coffee (another pre-surgery favorite), and we also got Hollis a blueberry muffin, in hopes it might entice her. She grabbed the bag from Daddy, and started digging in, and then pointed to the coffee (yes, my 8 year old loves coffee, and I'm not ashamed to admit it). It was such a huge thing to get her to eat, and a relief for us!

She was exhausted by the time we got home, so we put her to bed. At 8:00 she was due for more meds, so I gave them to her and said how happy I was to have her home, and asked if she was happy to be home: she responded with "Yay", and I just broke down into tears. It is such a relief to see even the small parts of Hollis's presurgery personality emerging bit by bit. The stress of seeing her so weak and unlike herself has been excruciating. Her recovery is coming along slowly, but it is definitely moving in the right direction.

Here is a video of Hollis with the music therapist as referenced in previous posts. The pictures are one of the windows that Grandma decorated for the 2 rooms that Hollis stayed in. I think Children's hospital wanted to hire her! The other picture is Mom and Hollis dancing to "Holly Holy" by Neil Diamond at the jukebox last night.


Sue D said...

Hi Hollis I am so glad you are home. You are such a strong little girl I am so proud of you. Your doing a great job. Love you.
Sue D

Jessie said...

Thank God for Dunkin Donuts!!!!!

Cris (Jessie's Dad)

Unknown said...

That's so millions of people, she can't do without her daily DD fix. It so good to hear that she's home and that she ate and spoke yesterday. Sounds like it was an emotional day for all. Take care and hopoe today goes even better.

Take care,
julie c

ginni said...
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ginni said...

As a Dunkin Donuts aficionado, I understand its healing powers! Thinking of you all and sending hugs.

ginni s.