Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Doggy

It's been a little longer than I'd like between my posts, but my hard drive died and I was waiting for the replacement part. I fixed it and we're back in business! A couple of weeks ago Katie brought over her new boxer puppy, Romy, to play with Hollis. Hollis loves her school's therapy dog, Isaac, an old yellow lab, and we have 2 cats that she loves to chase around. I should also add that around this time last year, I tried to get a puppy for Hollis and she was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. I thought she might have changed her opinion since the surgery, since she has seemed a bit more tolerant of stimuli, but apparently, she reserves the same opinion regarding puppies as she always had: a little too much when close, but OK when far away. See picture below for reference:

Hollis has been "helping" with this post. She is sitting on my lap while I'm typing, adding some of her own thoughts including "abnm" and "3nmee;". She also stole my coffee, and chugged some down. A picture of the evidence follows. A glimpse of the rare Mom bird, with wet hair even - stunning! ; )

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