Sunday, March 8, 2009

Enjoying the nice weather

It's been a tough winter here, but we finally had a day of mild temperatures to break up the monotony. I believe just about everyone in the state was outside, just to remember what it's like not to have to wear a parka, hat and gloves.

We went to the beach to walk around, and we wore Hollis out, poor girl! She had fun slopping through the mud and stepping in puddles. We had to take a couple of breaks to let her rest. On one break, she sat next to beautiful Keeshond, Nico, and he was very friendly with her, but Hollis could have cared less about him!


Jessie said...

Jessie and Hollis do have the same hairdo. It's a good look for them both. Hollis looks great! Keep up the good work! Cris and Kristi

Holly said...

the good weather does wonders! everyone in our area was outside too the past couple of days