Sunday, March 29, 2009


Saturday Hollis had her first EEG since her surgery. EEG's are akin to torture for her: she has always had sensory issues with her head, and having all those leads attached just makes life hell. Even the marks that the tech writes on her scalp to know where to attach the leads is horrifying for her. This kid could have her blood drawn every hour and be much more content than having to go through EEGs.

It was during the application of the leads that Hollis cried for the first time in months. It made me think how often she used to cry before the surgery. She would have seizures that would result in injury, or would last a very long time, or come in clusters that wouldn't break for over an hour, and many of those times she would cry. She would also cry a lot more in fear, anticipation of something she didn't like, or just because she couldn't express herself any other way. What a gift for her not to have to cry as often anymore!


Holly said...

my daughter hates having her head touched also

Danielle said...

Trevy tollerates many things really well...but EEGs?! And head touching?! Brings out his cranky side!

I'm SO happy that Hollis' surgery has given her some happy!