Friday, July 25, 2008

Back at the pool

We took advantage of the nice weather today and went to the wading pool again. I believe that the entire population of the North Shore also had the same idea, if they weren't going to the beach instead! It was a bit crowded, but Hollis loved it anyway, especially dodging all the little kids who were swimming around her feet like fish. This girl is a total water baby, much like her Mom, and would probably spend every day in a pool or at the beach (even in the winter)! She is still easy to tire, and we only spent about 20 minutes before she was worn out and told us she needed to go.

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Unknown said...

Hi guys - it's so great that Hollis is being Hollis. I love the videos, keep them coming, especially with her dancing. Although there's no accounting for her taste in music (or was the music Damien's choice?). You're ALL amazing!!!

julie c