Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Out and about

On Monday, Hollis went to Bradley Palmer State Park's wading pool. We weren't sure she would be ready for a splash in the pool, but she just lit up as soon as she saw it. She spent about 15 minutes walking around the pool, and giggling at the other kids until she was exhausted. That took about 3 hours to sleep off.

On Tuesday, we went to visit her school, the Northshore Education Consortium, in it's new location in Beverly. When we got her out of the car, she was very happy, and squealed and laughed. We got into the building and met up with her teacher, Sandra. Hollis gave her a little bit of the "hairy eyeball", and I think she might have been wondering if we were bringing her back to school for real. We went into her classroom and met up with friends, old and new, and by the time we were there 10 minutes, Hollis had enough: she was motioning for us to get going. As she was leaving, she said "Bye", and Mom and her speech therapist, Lauren, started welling up with tears, because so far, Hollis has retained everything she went into the surgery with, and has only left the seizures behind.

It was a very big day for the little lady, and she had to come home to take a nap from that one too. As quickly as she is recovering from such an enormous surgery, we always have to take a step back and realize how much her little body is still going through: she is still taking 2 hour naps twice a day, and is also sleeping about 12 hours at night. She is still having headaches, but seems to have come out of the nausea phase of the recovery. Everyday is an improvement on the last.


ginni said...

It is so wonderful to read the positive improvements for Hollis every day. Continued best wishes for you all.

Unknown said...

It nice to hear that Hollis is out and about and that she's getting back to her old self. Jess, your descriptions of her make me laugh. Especially when she gave her teacher the "hair eyeball". I can just picture it. She's such a cutie and she couldn't be blessed with better parents. Take care.

julie c