Thursday, August 21, 2008

Destruction Junction

In the last 48 hours...

Things tossed, thrown, hucked or knocked over: shredded carrot, jellybeans, Sprite, potato chips, pepperoni, piggy bank, stuffed bear, singing frog, telephone, pillow, clock radio, books, photo album (into receptionist's lap in doc's office), computer monitor (again, doc's office), coat rack (doc's office once more).

Inedible objects attempted to be eaten, bitten, and/or mouthed: cotton ball, pen, magazine insert, telephone, light switch, diaper wipes box, lipstick from Mom's purse, hand cream tube, book, old potato chip, sneaker, sock, chain link fence, headphones, venetian blinds, chair, wood chips, flowers, grass, sand, Mom's arm, Mom's shirt, own shirt, pillowcase.

Yes, she had eyes on her the whole time, but she is also complete menace much faster than her parents. Hollis has been spending a lot of time in the time out room lately.

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