Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trying to tire her out

One of the unanticipated side effects of the surgery is the surge in Hollis's energy level. While this is certainly a good thing, in my humble opinion she really didn't need any more! The energy is more like her being "slap happy": she gets absolutely crazy silly and starts destroying things and causing mischief. She goes through this cycle twice a day, once about 2 hours after she wakes up, and again about 2 hours before bed. We're trying to find better outlets for the energy because if she's in the house, she knocks over lamps, stomps on cats, turns on microwaves, stoves and coffeemakers, and clears countertops, all while laughing hysterically. And let me further clarify by saying that we cannot control the behavior, despite putting in her the timeout room, yelling, and trying various ways of settling her down by reducing high stimulation things like bright light or noise. So, we try to exhaust her.

Yesterday, we went to the YMCA pool and swam for about an hour straight, and left only because there was a class coming - she could have gone on and on. Today we went to the park and let her do "laps" around the perimeter. This was the first time we've ever let her walk by herself without a parent with a hand on her. She just did circle after circle, laughing the whole time, like she was getting away with something. The only time we intervened is when she would try to run into the football practice in the field next door: there were boys there, and she is absolutely boy crazy! Here's Hollis running down to the park (sorry for the low quality, I only had my phone on me.)

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