Saturday, August 23, 2008

Got her culture in

We went to the Peabody Essex Museum today, where Hollis typically takes off running around the atrium and through the children's area. Today, for some reason, she wanted to stay in her stroller, and see the exhibits. This is a rarity - normally when we try this we are manhandling her away from touching the installations! I always leave seeing something I hadn't before, primarily because we don't get a chance to walk around without Hollis. She was content to go through most of the three floors (speedily) before she signalled she was ready to go. We stopped into the Polish market across the way, as is my habit when I am there. I tried to get her to eat pierogi, but she wasn't at all interested - what kind of Polish kid doesn't like a good potato dumpling?! I've got to work on the Polish traditions with her - Mom, Grandmom and Dziadzi sing Polish songs to her, but we haven't worked on the food much. Guess I've got to break out a golumpki recipe.

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Jessie said...

Hollis looks great! You guys go EVERYWHERE. What an amazing family. Cris, Kristi, and the rest of the Hall Zoo.