Thursday, February 19, 2009

6 month follow up

We had our 6 month post surgery follow up (OK, a little bit later than 6 months) with Hollis's neurologist in Children's Hospital. He was pleased with the fact she only had 3 seizures in the time since the surgery, and we are too, we just wanted to know if we had to be concerned about having any more surgery: thankfully, he said we're done. We are making some adjustments to her meds, because she's gained about 30 pounds since September - that's largely due to another one of her meds, notorious for weight gain.

This week we also had her Rehab Physician (a.k.a. Physiatrist) appointment, to assess her neuro-muscular situation. Her gait is definitely worse than what it was prior to the brain surgery, but not by a lot. She's getting a new adaptive "girdle" to help give her right leg some support and a bit of a twist, because right now, it points outward about 90 degrees. Should be interesting to see how that works!