Saturday, June 6, 2009

At the butterfly garden

Daddy post: As Jessica has mentioned, we have been struggling with Hollis' behavior over the last several months. Most days I come home and would get a punch or kick from my daughter. I felt like I didn't know who my daughter was anymore. But recently, we have started to see some improvements in her behaviors with today being the best yet. We went to the Butterfly Place in Westford and Hollis loved it. She was smiling and laughing, walking around without hitting me or other people and even giving kisses. Her behaviors are still inconsistent from day to day and I don't know what's exactly changed to make her start acting better. One piece of the credit has to go out to her school, the Northshore Consortium which implemented a new behavior plan about a month ago which seems to be getting results. I never know if this will last or what the next challenge will be, but today it was just nice having my daughter back.