Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This is way too important to not post. Hollis's brain surgery blog has been inactive for 3 years, but this got my attention, and I've got to say something. "Retard". How many times have you heard or even used that word yourself? Here's the ever delightful Ann Coulter, in her Twit account (yeah, I meant that), using the "R" word, thinking she's being cute? Or what exactly? Ann Coulter - you may think it's innocuous. You may think you don't hurt anyone by carelessly throwing this term out. My child may not understand "retard", but I certainly do. It's like "cripple". Or "slow". Or any of the other terms that civil people all over the world have learned not to use. Your attempt at "funny" just shows what a hopelessly desperate, cruel, elitist, unimaginative person you are. Hope you enjoyed reliving your days as a playground bully once again.