Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eating like a horse!

Hollis is making up for lost time in her eating, which is a very good thing, because she is too skinny to start with. She inhaled 2 donuts this morning, followed by pepperoni, and then for lunch, she ate half of Dad's cheesesteak sub. The best, though, was the garlic and olive oil spaghetti, which she fed herself. Here's a video of her chowing down.

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Anonymous said...

That is just awesome Hollis. You keep eating your food and everyone elses. Logan and I are very glad to see that Hollis is doing well. Logan and Hollis have quite a bit of history in common as to the cause of the severe epilepsy and global delays; hemiplegia etc. We are Praying for a continued recovery for Hollis and for her fabulous future.

Sending love from Children's Hospital of Michigan Rehab!

Mary * Logan