Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy weekend

Mom's going back to work on Monday, so we tried so jam as much fun into this weekend as we could. Saturday we went to the Children's Museum in Boston, and Hollis had enough stamina to run non-stop for 2 hours. On Sunday, we went to Rockport to go the the beach. She squealed when she saw the beach and ran right into the water. We swam around a bit, and ended up meeting one of Dad's high school buddies we hadn't seen in years. Hollis loved his little girl: she thinks babies are funny.

We've passed the 5 week mark for no seizures! We are beyond thrilled! It's hard for us to imagine life without seizures, so we still find ourselves with our hands constantly holding onto her, just in case she goes down fast. She is frustrated by all this overprotective parenting, and keeps on pushing us off. It is hard to break the habit: it's going to take a lot longer for us to feel like this is real.


lcsmolcha said...

Sounds like a good weekend for all of you -- good luck heading back to work tomorrow! I'll be doing the same.

Can't believe no seizures for 5 weeks -- truly amazing. I guess being overly protective is not a bad problem to be dealing with!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear!!! This morning is the two week mark for Chance and we just don't know how to act either. I struggle with imagining what life is like without the seizures too, but that is the whole reason we went through this whole ordeal. Even Chance has told me that all of this is worth it to not have seizures. Thanks for checking in on us and leaving me your comments. They help me realize that we're not alone. I keep checking in here to see how Hollis is doing too.