Monday, March 30, 2009

A big one

Hollis had a really "big" seizure today, same pattern as the other three, at naptime, around 4PM. What we don't know is if she's having equally awful seizures during the night, because they are pretty quiet. She goes very stiff, eyes roll up and to the left, she turns red, and has very labored breathing. Even with her video monitor that would be pretty tough to catch. It's only because we are right on top of her when she naps (she sleeps in the guest room on the main floor at naptime) that we have witnessed the prior three.


Holly said...

my daughters seizures are normally pretty quiet too but as she got a little older she would start some of them with a weid cry. Hollis is in my prayers

Danielle said...

I'm SO sorry...definately on the top of my "scares the crap outta me" list!