Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not this one either...

The latest behavior med Hollis went on made things worse. She has done nothing but beat the living daylights out of her poor PCA and us all week long. Our behavior management tactics have failed miserably: when she hits, she is supposed to go into her "time out" room. Well, Hollis has decided that she likes it in there, and will put herself in the room willingly. Not much of a threat anymore. The best part of this miserable comedy is that her PCA realized the time out room wasn't working, so she made her sit in a corner, just like we did in the old days. Hollis didn't like that much, but when she was done with the corner and told she could get up, she walked over to the time out room and closed the door behind her and stayed in there for awhile. She is such a smart little devil, and knows how to press all of our buttons! Thank goodness school vacation is over and she'll go back on Monday. We'll be on a different behavior med by then, and hopefully she won't be ready to go ten rounds with her teachers.

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