Saturday, July 11, 2009

One year

It was a year ago today that Hollis had her hemispherectomy. That was easily the most frightening day of my life, and the following week wasn't so terrific either. I just remember everything was about waiting: waiting for the surgery to be over, waiting for her to wake up, waiting for her fever to go down, waiting for her to stop feeling nauseous, waiting for her to eat, waiting for her to smile and laugh. And, amazingly, all of those happened within one week of having the two halves of her brain disconnected.

We want to thank all our family and friends for supporting us throughout this very challenging year, and for always being our rocks. Thanks to her doctors, teachers, therapists and caregivers for all that you do and have done for Hollis.
On a lighter note, I can't think of a more appropriate conclusion to this blog than to show Hollis and her best: as the mischievous little imp she always has been. She emptied an entire bottle of powder in her room while she was playing this morning, and Mom and Dad were only four feet away, in the other bedroom, thinking how nice it was she was playing so well by herself. She is always teaching us lessons about how creative she can be while she has some "alone time".

Thank you all for reading, and I hope that it has been both informative and a bit entertaining as well.


Holly said...

they are good at sneaking and doing things just feet away.

Danielle said...

Thank you SO much for opening up this chapter of your life for the world to see! I have definately benefited from it! And as we move closer towards the possibility of brain surgery for's nice in that weird that we share this kinda way...that there are others who have been there done that.