Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hollis being Hollis

Hollis is really starting to act more like herself today. She's singing, throwing things, giggling, smiling, imitating sneezes and giving kisses. She has also stayed awake for three consecutive hours, as long as she has been able to since the surgery. Hollis was very pleased to knock Mom on the head with her ball, so I thought I'd share the joy of that in this video.


Unknown said...

Hi guys - Hollis is looking so good! The video is a riot...glad to hear that Hollis is acting more herself. Her progress is amazing! Take care.

julie c

Jessie said...

Hollis you ROCK! That ball looks very familiar - Jessie loves to bean us on the head with the very same ball! I love it!

Kristi Hall
Jessie's Mom