Sunday, July 13, 2008

Transfer out of ICU

So Hollis was transferred out of ICU today. She was more alert more of the day and waved bye-bye to a cute male IV nurse. Her function of her arms and legs appears to be about the same but she hasn't gotten out of bed yet and there will still be some time before we try to stand. The biggest issue we are dealing with is keeping the fluid/pressure in her brain at an appropriate level. As we learned today, she has to be very careful if she sits up or else she will start feeling icky.


Unknown said...

That's good news. She looks alert (definitely alert if she's flirting). This blog is such a great way for you to communicate and keep us updated on her progress (I love it!!) Take care of that girl and be sure to take care of yourselves too. Look forward to the next posting.

julie c

Maureen Walsh said...

Glad to hear that everything is going as well as it has. She is one beautiful little girl. She is so alert for all that she has been through. Praying that each day she gains more and more strength. Take care and keep strong!

Maureen W