Monday, July 28, 2008

Venting a bit

Today was just not a whole lot of fun. First, we woke up to no electricity (and lasted for about 12 hours), which meant no warm breakfast for Hollis, and let's just say she isn't much of a cereal and milk sort of kid. That just got us off on the wrong foot.

Then, we had our first intensive physical therapy session. I should mention that Hollis hates any sort of physical therapy, and usually tries to wriggle her way out of it by any means necessary. Today, she pulled out the big guns: scratching, slapping, screaming, throwing things, walking out of the room, or just falling in a heap when asked to do something.Granted, she is very, very tight in her right extremities, much more so than before the surgery, and she is probably feeling defensive because it hurts to stretch, but Mom and the PT really didn't need the beatings we got.

Hollis had a pretty nice chip on her shoulder for the afternoon, but brightened up again later in the day. When we put her to bed tonight though, we ticked her off again: we had to put her wrist brace on, which she hates, and she tries to rip it off with her mouth, cries and generally has a really bad night's rest (as do we). The reason for the brace was to help straighten out her wrist which is in a very bad posture because of the tightness in her arm, but also to keep her from putting her fingers in her mouth and nose: she gave herself a bloody nose worthy of a prizefighter. Don't have any idea why she's doing it, but we're not having any luck keeping the fingers out of there.

As my friend Sue says for days like this, "Good times, good times...". Tomorrow will be a better day.

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