Friday, August 8, 2008

One of her greatest nemeses

Hollis isn't crazy about any doctor's appointments, but she has some specific medical professionals she really doesn't like, and she isn't shy about sharing her feelings about them. Today, it was her orthotist. He is such a wonderful guy, and Mom and Dad love chatting with him, but he is the man who makes her braces, and for Hollis, that means torture. He has to take a cast of her foot, which is just like getting a regular cast and then having it cut off to make the mold for her AFO (ankle-foot orthotic). It is not painful at all, but Hollis hates being restrained and having to be still for any reason. So, she squirms, screams, cries, scratches, headbutts and kicks: Dad was the designated "holder" today, and he's feeling a bit sore from the wrestling match, and her orthotist narrowly missed getting his head kicked in, but Mom's quick grab saved the day. I always feel awful about the performance Hollis puts on for this poor man, but he is always gracious about her outbursts and always very sweet to her.

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