Saturday, April 25, 2009

Off behavior meds for a couple days = happy?

We decided to give Hollis a break from her behavior med rollercoaster for a few more days to see if we can manage her without them. She's still very aggressive, but is listening more than she was on the last round of drugs, and is 1000% more alert and happier. That last one just was WRONG!

Today it was about 90 degrees, so we spent some time outside doing "summertime" things. We went to the park, which includes an enclosed area for skateboarders, and Hollis was just thrilled to see all the boys there. She could have stayed there all evening drooling over the skater boys.


Danielle said...

haha...I used to have "a thing" for skater boys too! Hollis has good taste!

Crossing fingers that the happy trend continues! We can SO relate to the way seizures...and drugs...mess with our kiddos!

Crossing fingers that the warming trend is here to stay too!


Unknown said...

very interesting about d/c - ing the behavior med! Hmmm.... Emma is a fighter too... it was a looong vaca! :)