Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting outside

Children's Hospital in Boston has a very nice garden area within its grounds. We took Hollis for a walk in the afternoon and she wanted to go out of her carriage to sit in the grass. She seemed to enjoy being outside.

She makes good progress physically. Hollis walked a little bit more this afternoon, drank a little and ate 3 potato chips. Our goal tomorrow is to try to get her to eat and drink more. If she does, we might be getting out of the hospital soon. She's been running a low grade fever but that has been managed with Tylenol. The nausea was better today, although Hollis was given more medicine to control it. We will give her less nausea medicine tomorrow and see how that goes.

We haven't really seen her personality come through yet. She hasn't said any of her words and no smiles or singing yet. From what we understand though, it can take some time before that comes back. I can't wait to get a kiss again from my daughter.

One last thing and I hesitate to post it because it feels like a jinx but I thought it would be good for everyone to know that so far we have not seen any seizures. It's still early and the doctors tell us seizures can persist after the surgery 6-8 weeks, but we have not seen any. Let's hope that continues!


lcsmolcha said...

How great to see her outside! Seems like she's making good strides, all things considered. Based on what she's done so far, I can't imagine that her personality is far behind! Looking forward to more good news...

Maureen Walsh said...

How wonderful to see her outside in the beautiful gardens at Children's Hospital. I know exactly the gardens you are talking about. So nice to see all the tubes off of her. She looks very happy to be sitting there posing for the picture. Hope that her nausea decreases as each day goes by. She is getting stronger, little by little.

Unknown said...

It's amazing that she was able to take some steps and is making good progress. Nice photo of her on the lawn in the garden. She looks a little groggy, yet still so adorable. Hope all continues to go well today. Take care.

julie c

Diane said...

What a great Accomplishment! I love seeing her outside & getting the fresh air. She is doing wonderful! Mom & dad must be so happy that things are going so well, I look forward to seeing more pictures of her progress. I see a improvemnt everyday. My prayers & thoughts are with her everyday. Take Care
Diane Hines