Monday, July 14, 2008

Ups and Downs

Today was Hollis's first outing from her bed since the surgery. Though I think she enjoyed the change of scenery, I believe she was a bit motion sick because she ended up throwing up the Sprite she had drunk earlier. She was very happy to see Katie and Alan visit again today. She also loved her trying out the blanket her Auntie Kim made (on her lap).

On the final report from Daddy tonight, Mom sprung into instant tears: she was watching her Elmo video, and signed "more" when it was done, and sang a few notes of Elmo's song. Off to bed for now...thank you all for your prayers and good wishes!

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Unknown said...

Hi guys - Jess it was nice talking with you last night. I hope you had a restful night in your own bed. Thanks for sharing the pix. Hope everything is going well today. Give Hollis a hug from me.

julie c